We are Wawasan Dengkil, a Leading Earthwork and Civil Engineering Firm In Malaysia, dedicated to sustainable progress in Infrastructure.

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How We Do It

“With full machinery, expert management, and dedicated teams, we lead transformative projects with quality and client satisfaction.”

Wawasan Dengkil Site Working and Machinery
“Redefining Limits”
At Wawasan Dengkil, we redefine limits by continuously pursuing better solutions, ideas, and talent.
“Building Better Tomorrow”
To be a recognized leader in innovative and sustainable Earthwork and Civil Engineering, shaping a future where our projects stand as benchmarks for excellence and environmental stewardship.
“Exceeding Expectations, Setting New Standards.”
We are dedicated to delivering outstanding Earthwork and Civil Engineering services, utilizing expertise, technology, and a committed workforce to surpass client expectations. Our goal is to enhance infrastructure, fostering economic growth and environmental sustainability.
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D: Determination

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We are determined to achieve excellence in every project, overcoming challenges with resilience and ensuring client satisfaction.

E: Empower

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To inspire individuals to engage in continuous learning and skill development, empowering them with valuable soft skills and green skills knowledge. Enhance both their personal and professional lives, while encouraging active investment in self-improvement and growth.

N: Nurture

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We nurture talent and relationships, cultivating a supportive culture that helps our team grow and builds lasting partnerships.

G: Grateful

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Gratitude is fundamental. We appreciate the trust of our clients, the hard work of our team, and the opportunities to contribute to Malaysia's infrastructure.

K: Knowledgeable

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We value continuous learning, staying knowledgeable to provide top-notch solutions and staying ahead in our industry.

I: Innovation

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Innovation is part of our DNA. We encourage new ideas, driving the development of cutting-edge solutions for our projects.

L: Leadership

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We cultivate an environment where every team member is encouraged to lead, innovate, and grow. By setting industry standards and embracing market trends, we drive innovation and inspire positive change.

Wawasan Dengkil is involved in the construction industry.

Our business can be divided into 3 main segments.
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Our earthworks activities involve cutting, reclaiming, transferring, levelling or excavating a site to produce durable and stable earth-structures that can be used as a base for the construction of building(s) or any structure(s).

Our civil engineering services involve constructing infrastructures such as roads (including highways), drainage system and sewerage system.

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